I want to get into F1, what should I know?

I'll give you some notes on the drivers

Lewis Hamilton

Currently leading the world championship. 3-time world champion. Disliked by many people for either being too successful or being a bit of a cunt

Nico Rosberg

Teammate of Hamilton at Mercedes. Really good driver, but lacks a bit of emotion.

Sebastian Vettel

4-time world champion. Currently driving for Ferrari, but won all his world championships at Red Bull before Mercedes became dominant. Lovely guy in general but tends to be a bit of a whiner on the track.

Kimi Raikkonen

Older driver. 1-time world champion. Nicknamed "The Iceman" for lacking any form of emotion. Still one of the best drivers on the grid.

Daniel Ricciardo

Australion driving for Red Bull. Generally considered the better Red Bull driver. Always smiling.

Max Verstappen

Youngest driver ever to do anything. Started F1 at the age of 17. Everybody considers him to be a future world champion, but he'still got stuff to learn. Often gets into controversial situations by doing risky stuff.

Those are the 6 top drivers at the moment.

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