Into The Pit: Springbonnie canon Lore

Yeah it sucks there's a lot of kids now days on the fandom I don't like it much.

And an action figure is not Canon these books are because they are writing and not an action figure from the FNaF universe but a set of stories set in the FNaF universe because on the back of them it's says that they are in different corners of the series and that's how we know it takes place in the FNaF universe but now not all of them do but.

And I forgot to say that some of these stories can take place in the book universe because that is part of the already existing universe but as of right now I'm not sure if that's true until the third fazbears fright book comes out because it has ella on the cover which is from the silver eyes. But who knows maybe Ella is in the game universe.

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