Also, typology exists to see patterns of behavior and although it is not 100% accurate-being condescending was one explained in many of such sites for INTP which is what my boyfriend tested as when I made him take a test early in the relationship. I am going off of that to make my post.

So I came here just to get one perspective on a LIGHT NOTE to see if anybody can help me. Instead, what I got was a slew of people derailing the conversation, nitpicking me about facts, and getting defensive. If you are not condescending, and you can not help, then that's fine to just leave it at that. If you think other types exhibit that behavior more it doesn't matter, because my boyfriend is INTP and INTP also can exhibit such behaviors.

I was asking help from anyone who CAN relate. Not someone who wants to challenge me to a debate to completely take apart every premisis of my question. That is incredibly crazy and if you can't see it then God help you.

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