Why do INTPs often seem to dislike ENTPs?

I’ve noticed this as well and from my experiences I would say it’s because of Fe. I always feel like there’s this conflict between INTPs and ENTPs to prove “who is more rational and open minded”. Since ENTPs third function is Fe, I think that our desire to cling to the idea of “mankind as a whole” and envision all the possibilities that we as humans can achieve might frustrate INTPs because the idea that mankind/people could be on a similar level as rationality is irrational to them. I think since our big picture thinking is often through a people-oriented lens that perhaps to INTPs it makes us seem like half baked fake rationalists.

For me, I get frustrated by INTPs Fe blindspot. They always talk about all these crazy things and all these weird technical possibilities and facts with out seeming to understand that none of them could be achieved unless people transcended a bit, lol. But no matter what, they don’t seem to give a fuck and just live in la la land where people don’t exist and yet somehow cool space ships and moon bases are just building themselves and appearing for no reason.

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