Introduce yourself!

F/25! I've always been active. Child through high school I was always in a sport of some kind. I started Irish dance on top of it at 12. I was a long distance track runner and longer distance swimmer as well as dancer all through high school. In college I played a year of ultimate Frisbee, injured myself badly, and had to stop. I was introduced to weightlifting by my now fiance after we stated dating and did it semi-seriously, on and off, with him for a few years but it was tough to maintain while pursuing and engineering degree. I also got into yoga and did that regularly (my favorite is vinyasa). Then grad school happened and I barely had time to do anything so I attended my usual yoga classes and tried to do at home cardio stuff (just dance on wii was my best friend) and I'd also run.

Currently, I am 4 weeks back into weightlifting and doing my very first bulk (it feels so good to eat more than 1500 again)! I recently lost weight I gained gradually during grad school and am finally ready to reach my goal of having some real muscle definition and strength! The weight loss left room to grow and I'm excited to see my body fill out while continuing to cut down on the fat!

Super excited to see the progress people achieve! It's so motivating to see the successes of others. I hope to have the chance to share mine too!

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