Introducing the DotA International Raceway - Alpha (Track for Assetto Corsa). Info and Download in comments.

The DotA International Raceway is a recreation of the 6.82 DotA map for Assetto Corsa with a race track thrown in to the mix. There are a few things you should know before you jump on to the track.

Open Map

There are no restrictions on where you can go but if you venture off the track, approach the ramps with caution. They are quite steep and you'll go flying into the air if approached too quickly. While this can be fun, Assetto Corsa will reset your car back to the starting position often before you land. Even if you stay on the track, it can be easy to flip your car. Your car should be auto-reset to the start, but if it doesn't, the reset shortcut key is CTRL+O.

Some Object Are Missing (Offlanes and Fountains mostly)

This map is currently incomplete. The DotA Workshop Tools Alpha was used as a reference to recreate the map. It doesn't currently have the 6.82 map, it has 6.81. That means this map is a mixture of 6.81 and 6.82 until Valve adds 6.82 or 6.83 to the Workshop Tools. Everything that matches between the versions should be added and in it's correct location barring any errors I made while inputting the data. Things that are different between the map versions have either been put in temporarily (ex: the radiant safe lane trees near the river do not have the added pathways) or left out completely until an update comes (the offlanes, Rosh Pit, and high ground fountains).

World Scale, Object Collision, and Starting Line

Everything has been scaled up to 4 times it's original size in order to make this appropriate for racing. Otherwise you could make it across the map in seconds and navigating would be relatively difficult.

The guidelines I used for objects with collision are if a hero can walk over or through it (small rocks, bushes, etc), it shouldn't have collision. If a hero can't walk over/through it, it should have collision (trees, buildings). There are some things that don't follow these rules yet but they will be fixed in future updates.

The starting line is at the Radiant Safe Lane Tier 2 Tower. There is currently no pit lane.

-----> Download the Alpha here! (version 0.7) <-----

-----> Alternate Download here! <-----

Extract the folder into your SteamApps/common/assettocorsa/content/tracks/ folder and you should see it in the track list in game! Note: This map currently only supports 1 racer (multiplayer coming soon)

Lap Time Challenge I recently started racing in the Formula Abarth with a best lap time of 1:37.517.

If you want a healthy dose of Too Much Information, keep reading. Otherwise, enjoy!

21 images showing the progress on the creation of this map.

Planned Updates:

  • Multiplayer and pit lane (should be in the next version)
  • More Track Configurations
  • Creep camps filled with appropriate creeps
  • Roshan
  • The offlanes and fountains that are currently missing Planned update is after 6.82 or 6.83 gets added to the Workshop Tools
  • Updated World Map Texture for the Map Also planned if/when the 6.82 map gets added to Workshop Tools
  • More?

Details on the tools and processes used to create the map:
DotA Map Set-Up

  1. BSPSource - Convert BSP (map file) to vmf which Crafty can open. You need Java to use this :'(
  2. Use text editor (I used Sublime Text) to manually edit vmf to create needed changes so Crafty to open the VMF file. Try opening in Crafty and it will give you an error message. You just need to fix those errors.
  3. Crafty - Open VMF and export to the DotA map to OBJ format. Unfortunately this is untextured (see Textured DotA Map section)

Entity Set-Up (Every item on the map. Trees, towers, flowers, NPCs... everything)

  1. GCFScape - Unpack models and textures from the vpk
  2. Crowbar - Decompile models and use log files to find which textures are used with each model (often multiple textures per model)
  3. VTFEdit - Extract Valve Texture Files (VTF)


  1. Blender Source Tools - Import unpacked model (smd) into Blender using this plugin.
  2. Use DotA Workshop Tools Alpha to get XYZ location, rotation, and scale information for each item
  3. Input those numbers into Blender.

Assetto Corsa Export

I'm not going to detail this here. Tutorials for work-flow for Blender to Assetto Corsa are easy enough to find. I used a plugin that helped with part of this: KN5 Exporter Plugin for Blender

Creating the Textured DotA Map

This is far from precise, but I currently don't know any other method to get a textured world map that wouldn't be insanely complicated and time consuming.

  1. Use an emptied out DotA map in Dota Workshop Tools Alpha. All objects deleted, just the world map left.
  2. Need to fake an orthographic view in the Workshop Tools Alpha A. Set FOV to 12 (6 or 7 for final version later. Haven't tested) B. Set camera facing straight down C. Go as high up in the editor window until the map starts to disappear
  3. Take a screenshot of a small portion of the map.
  4. Paste into it's own Photoshop layer.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 (making sure to overlap screenshots a little) until you've covered the whole map
  6. Photostitch layers together to create a single image that should look like an top-down view of the entire map. Current version is 32 screenshots. The final version should be 128 for better clarity.
  7. In Blender, need to create UV map of the DotA map from an orthographic top down view to match the view we created earlier in the Workshop tools. Create UV map using "Project From View"
  8. Assign our created texture to this UV map and match them up as best as you can.

If you have any questions, I'll try to answer what I can.

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