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In Connected Careers in the "Schemes" menu there are a few default play styles that you can set for your teams players. Some of these may be more useful then others, but its a start point for some ideas for categories. These is what these categories are called in the game and the attributes that the description says are important for that type of player. These are EA's descriptions, not mine.


Pocket Passer - Accuracy/Arm Strength

Strong Arm - Arm Strength

West Coast - Accuracy/Mobility

Mobile - Speed/Throw on Run/Agility

Balanced - Arm Strength/Speed/Acceleration


Balanced - Speed/Acceleration/Agility

Power Back - Strength/Trucking

Speed Back - Speed/Acceleration

Receiving Back - Elusiveness/Catching

One Cut - Acceleration/Ball carry vision


Blocking - Strength/Run block/impact block

Runner-Receiver - Catching/Speed/Ball carry vision

Balanced - Speed/Agility/Run block


Balanced - Speed/Acceleration/agility

Speed - Speed/Acceleration

Possession - Catch in traffic

Red Zone threat - Spectacular catch/catch in traffic

Route Runner - Agility/route running


Balanced - Speed/Acceleration/Agility

Blocking - Impact blocking/run block/pass block

Vertical threat - Speed/agility/route running

Receiver - Catching/Route running


Balanced - Strength/Awareness/Pass block/run block

Pass Blocker - Pass block/strength/awareness

Run Blocker - Run Block/Strength/Acceleration

Big Mauler - Run Block/Strength/Impact block

Zone Block - Run Block/Agility/Acceleraton


Balanced 4-3 - Speed/Power move/finesse move

4-3 Run Stopper - Strength/block shed/tackle

3-4 Run stopper - Strength/pursuit/tackling

3-4 Versatile - "physical and intangible ratings" (this one is weird)

Speed Rusher - speed/acceleration/"pass rush"


Balanced - "physical and intangible ratings" (offensive descriptions were specific, defense are more general)

Pass Rusher - Acceleration/"Pass rush"

Prototype - aglity/speed/acceleration

Nose Tackle - Strength/tackling

Run Stopper - strength/block shed/tackling


Balanced - speed/acceleration/agility

Cover 2 - zone coverage/speed/agility

Run stopper - block shed/pursuit/tackling

3-4 pass rush - acceleration/"pass rush"

Prototype - speed/agility/acceleration (whats the difference between this and Balanced EA?)


Balanced - speed/acceleration/agility

Cover 2 - zone coverage/speed/agility

Run stopper - block shed/pursuit/tackling

3-4 tackler - block shed/tackling

Prototype - speed/agility/acceleration (again, same as Balanced)


Balanced - speed/agility/man coverage/zone coverage

Prototype - speed/strength/acceleration

Zone - zone coverage/play recognition

Man to Man - man coverage/speed/acceleration/agility

Run Support - press coverage/tackling/speed/agility


Balanced - speed/agility/coverage/tackling

Prototype - Speed/agility/acceleration

Run Support - block shed/pursuit/tackling

Zone - zone coverage/play recognition

Playmaker - pursuit/play recognition/awareness


Balanced - kick power/accuracy

Power - kick power

Clutch - kick accuracy/awareness

Accurate - kick accuracy

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