Introducing, my middle child (please note the 3 other children playing normally in the distance). She found a dead squirrel and was super excited.

sorry but.. could this also count as insane parent or something? o_o.. not trying to burst the bubbles of ppl maybe joking about it and treating this casual but geez. Thats a literal dead animal. Who lets their kid pick up and just play with a dead animal? and if not play, why just let it be held and stuff? Then taking a pic of that?.. im scared to get bashed for saying that but thats messed up to me..;

  1. health problems maybe? Death germs. ew
  2. Kindaaaa disrespectful.. Im def not close to being a mom but as far as dealing with death, or talking about it - like some stray dead animal thats.. really messed up to let happen and dead animals are really not toys n stuff to pickup..


if i really made ppl mad by saying tht ill jus delete n walk away from it. Im really not trying to fight about it.

Ik its not a humongous deal and probably was just a pic but; yikes still

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