Introverts can feel out of place within our Western culture that values extraversion. A new study found that introverts become unhappy with themselves if they compare themselves to an extraverted cultural ideal, but if they accept their authentic, quiet selves, they can flourish and be fulfilled.

if introverts can come to adjust their worldview and feel more authentic with themselves, introversion and all, they can “catch up” with those high in extraversion and become more comfortable with who they are.

So that's it? They did a study, with some weird parameters as others have said, and the result was "introverts just need to change their worldview to be comfortable with themselves!" This sounds like it was ran by the overbearing mothers of 14 year old kids.

I'm all for making it more socially acceptable for me to not want to be a bubbly nightmare of freely-expressed emotions, but this study feels more like a slap and a finger wag for being "different," and if I changed I wouldn't have this "problem."

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