Introverts can feel out of place within our Western culture that values extraversion. A new study found that introverts become unhappy with themselves if they compare themselves to an extraverted cultural ideal, but if they accept their authentic, quiet selves, they can flourish and be fulfilled.

Couldn't agree more. I am nearly 100% introverted. I have been trying to improve my lack of natural social skills my entire life because it gives me so much self-loathing. I can manage socially fine now. But I've always hated myself for my inability to connect easily with others and only lately have begun to care much less about meeting friends' & acquaintances' expectations of texting and going out to eat. I joke that I am a J.D. Salinger level introvert, but it's pretty true. I feel most comfortable in the world when I don't have to be around so many people and I don't have to talk so much. I can be alone for weeks and months without much interaction and be happy. I've realized this is something to be content with because most people can't be alone and spend time in their heads like I can.

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