Intuition and Connection To Self

My answer to both of these questions: Start asking for help. You get what you have the courage to ask for.

It doesn't matter what "force" you believe in, you can call it God if thats easiest for you, but any name will do. Tell the world what you want, express your desires. They will show up, it won't all happen overnight, but they will come. Write down your intentions as though you already have them. Stuff the page into a book on your shelf and forget about it.

Let yourself feel feelings. If you feel sad, feel the feeling fully but don't let it last. Don't try to stuff it away with affirmations or happiness or quick coverups. Feel it, cry it out, release it, move forward. If you can't release it, ask to see it differently, ask to release it. How? Just say to yourself "I choose to see this differently." "I release the need to hold onto this." At their root, negative emotions are hallucinations--but they can feel very, very real. Meditate. See what comes up.


Prayers I use when feeling stuck: "Show me." "Use me." "What would you have me know/see/say (and to whom)" Last week I thought/prayed "What would you have me know?" while looking at the sidewalk. I instantly lifted my head and saw wall graffiti I have never noticed (on a street I walk down often) that said "Know love." Some answers will come immediately like this one, others will take time. They will always come. You might feel like you're going nuts when they start showing up this rapidly--you're not.

Sometimes you have to get a little desperate "I need a miracle. I pray for a miracle." "Money miracle find me now / Love miracle find me now / Happiness miracle find me now." It will show up every time.

In moments of doubt, look for signs, ask for signs. "I want to know something/you're/my angels is/are listening. Show me a sign I can't deny." "Show me a yellow ribbon (or whichever specific object you desire)." Visualize the sign you wish to see in your mind and let it go.

Recognize the magic already surrounding you. Say thank you every morning you wake up. Understand that taking the time to be grateful for five seconds for something as simple as the clouds moving to uncover the sun can be deeply transformational. See the magic in it all.

I have been in that disconnect place, feeling like you barely know who you are and can barely relate to other people.

In even recognizing this you have "woken up" only gets better from here! Miraculous things happen for me every single day...some days I forget my own power, we all do, but it's getting more and more easier to get back on track.

You don't need to "get into" the assurance that all is working for the highest good--IT ALWAYS IS.

It can often feel like you've been pounding on a shut door your entire life, screaming and begging to be let in.

Your angels are behind that door, nearly in tears and they want you to know that it was never locked.

You are heard and you are so loved.

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