I want to invest $30K into crypto soon. I want to hear some advice on which crypto to research and invest...

Don't listen to maximalists who say you dont need to diversify even within crypto. You most certainly do. We are so early that it's a point most retailers investors never get to experience. The gains can be incredible but the risk is also much higher as retail investors can generally only invest in companies that are established.

I generally believe in uniform (same amount) investments across many strong projects to ultimately go for asymmetrical bets. I think it will be one of the biggest chances of our lifes to risk a little bit of capital to make massive returns. Since we are so early though it's hard to gauge how things will pan out but if you even strike gold with 1 or 2 projects early on and hold on to it, it may surely set you up for life. Many people are tribalists and talking about 'going all in' which you want to avoid (even having half your portfolio especially at a size you are talking). To mitigate risk, I would go for uniform bets across projects you believe in (or put more towards projects that have less opportunity for growth but more potential for staying power as they are more established). I personally own around 35 different coins/tokens that I believe in. Some are more short term (a few years) while others are more for the long haul. Such as: Bitcoin, ethereum, cardano, Vechain, Icon, Basic Attention Token, Nano, 0x, Maker, Aion, Gas (better value than Neo), Stellar, Ontology, Omisego, Chainlink, Factom, Theta, Flexa, Pundix, Zilliqa, Ripio Credit Network to name some.

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