Ionian trio girls, whose destined to be nerfed into oblivion.

WTF am I even reading? This is the AKALI MAINS subreddit and there are people here that are GLAD she’s getting nerfed into the ground? Jesus. No wonder Riot has hit Akali in almost every patch and hit fix without fail. They see that even the people that play her don’t give a fuck.

“Her mobility being nerfed with her R being made targeted was a good idea, it made it too easy for her to escape” ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? First it was “Her shroud is too strong there’s too many options to escape” now her R is the new reason? Come on, I’m probably the lowest Elo Akali player here and I’m telling all you like minded “Akali mains” that believe what they’re doing is right to GET FUCKING GOOD. I’ve never heard so many people that claim to like the same thing complain about that same thing so much in my life. Whoever that said it was right “if you don’t like Akali why are you even here?” You can’t say you like the champ when you’re happy she’s being dumpstered. I love Akali I also play 4 other champions. And when I run into another Akali main, or a Darius main, or Caitlyn, Quinn or Ryze. I get excited, cuz I know I can learn some shit, I know I can give advice, maybe even receive some. I like seeing another person that mains the same champion I do, despite how “hard to lane against it they are” if you actually main the champion you should be able to lane against it fine tbh so again get good.

Professor Akali just made a video about Akali, he hates what riot is doing and he is hoping they don’t make her worse and leave her there. But if even the community is standing with Riot on these nerfs, something tells me they’re not gonna stop and Akali soon enough is gonna be a cancelled champion.

r/akalimains I honestly have so much respect for all of you, all the high elo players, all the high level non ranked players, you’re all amazing. I honestly just have no respect for the people that are in this subreddit that are actually standing against Akali, and truly believe she should be getting this treatment.

I would apologize for getting upset, but honestly I’m not even close to being sorry. If you think Akali deserves these nerfs and SHOULD be getting this treatment, kindly leave the subreddit there’s no reason for people like you to be in here if that’s the case.

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