Iowa teen who killed rapist sentenced, ordered to pay $150K

Some of y’all need to actually read the article. I read this earlier today and was outraged- until I saw that the fine was mandatory under the involuntary manslaughter charge she pled to. The judge explained he had no choice or discretion under Iowa law.

And to those stating this was self-defense, to argue self defense, a person has to be in “eminent danger“. As in someone is actively assaulting (or attempting to assault) you in the moment. She killed her abuser while he was sleeping. Under the law (not my personal opinion- the law) that’s not self defense.

Of course I don’t think she should have had to plead guilty to anything. And it’s awful that she now has a six figure fine hanging over her head. BUT she did the right thing by taking the plea deal. It allows her to avoid prison time and had she taken this to trial, she could have ended up with a life sentence like Cyntoia Brown. And THAT would have been an even greater travesty of justice.

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