[IP] Kitchen Stories...

I stumbled into the frame of the kitchen door wishing I was still asleep. The day had to start sometime, why not now? Glancing across the room I noticed that the dishes were still there from the day before. "Shit, ah whatever." I mumble and turned on the faucet. Cold water hit my dry hands hard and I growled in pain. How could I be mad right now? I tried to recall the events from last night when I first got up but my clouded mind rinsed that thought away. All I remember was that last night was good. That's all that mattered. The days were really dull and I clung to any bit of positive energy I had.

Alone in my apartment I gave a bellowing growl, this usually wakes me up. I expected no reply but instead I got a, "Keep it fucking quiet over there!" My eye widened as wide as they could, staring at myself into the kitchen mirror. No way. Wait yeah way. I started to come back to me. My friend Charles, an utter asshole but great friend dragged me to another club Saturday night. He's always going on about all these new drugs that he's been trying. Bet that fucker spiked my drink at one point. I sighed no reason to get mad, I just had to keep my cool. It hadn't been that long since I had a girl over. Thinking about my last time had been with Sarah. I still missed her, I guess this would be the next step in recovering from her death. It had only been one... two... ah no about two and a half years. I closed my eyes tight. "Shit," I mumbled.

A new voice perked up behind me. "Shit what?" And a female voice at that. "Sorry about that yelling, are you always loud in the morning? I bet the neighbors complain." I creaked open my eyes to find her pulling herself up onto the metal framed chair behind me. Wow she's gorgeous. "Um, thanks. Although you did make that quite clear yesterday."

I turned slowly around. "Yes, hello. I mean good morning." I cracked a smile, stay calm. "Did I say that last part out loud?" She probably thinks I'm a creep already.

"You did, last night was fun. I.. We had a great time didn't we Steve?" What?! My name isn't Steve. Fucking Charles and his stupid ass drugs. How the hell am I going to explain this to her. Uh yeah, I got this psychopath friend who thinks it's hilarious to give me experiment drugs when we go out.

"I'm terribly sorry. I um... I have no idea who you are." She gave me a look that spelt explain. "Hey I'm sorry to tell you this, but I have no recollection of last night. I have no idea who you are and how I met you, and why you are in my apartment half naked." She just sat there attentively listening, god she looked amazing. "Okay right, so I have this friend. Complete prick, but he's an old friend so I still hang around him. He's into trial street drugs, just go with it, and likes to test them on me. WITHOUT my consent" She gave me another look. "Yeah, he doesn't sound like a friend does he?" She's not gonna believe it. The story sounds too fake.

"Ah alright, You did seem really relaxed about everything now that you mention it. I just though you were a bit buzzed nothing crazy for 2am. Odd story but I'll buy into it. Got any tea by chance?" Fuck do I have tea?

"Yeah sure, what kind?" 'Green' I hear from over my shoulder, my hand darting through the shelves. "So, if you could do me the honors of explaining what happened I would gladly appreciate it." Ah there it is.

"Right, who am I?" She said slowly. "Well, first off you didn't seem abnormal. You seemed like a genuinely nice person, not on anything at all." She got up and started pacing towards the window. The sun just peaking over the horizon. She inhaled loudly as the light of the morning exposed itself to the floor slowly creeping upon us "We met a coffee shop." She continued. "I was working on my laptop when you're buddy interuppted me. I gave him a good glare when he made the motion to remove my ear buds. I thought he was just gonna hit on me, but quickly introduced me to you Steve." Alright it's starting to come back to me now. It was Charles the funny one who tried to set me up with some stranger, and what a lovely stranger she was, but did he really have to use a false name?

"Yep that seems like a Charles thing, he also introduced me wrong. My name isn't Steve it's Adam." How long could I have gone with faking my name. Probably not that long I'd screw that up somehow.

"Alright then Adam if that's your real name!" She spun around and gave me one of her looks with those hazel eyes. Her light blue cardigan flowing like a cape behind her. I couldn't help but crack my second smile of the day and stifle a laugh. "Continuing on with the tale of how we met. As much as a horrible person you describe Charles as he is a good judge of character. I didn't want to be alone that night, I'd been working nonstop the past week and hadn't had much social contact with the world. He sat you down next to me and told me that I needed someone to talk to. Although it was slurred and he was obviously drunk he was right I did need someone to talk to." I'd just finished loading water and now activating the keurig. I put one of my good mugs in the stand.

"Well I'm glad he sat me down next to you," I said turning to her. Damn that was smooth. Wait, ah probably not as smooth as I think. "I'm starting to remember bits and pieces. I still don't get how you are here. And I also don't know your name." How did she get here. No way I'm that smooth, not possible.

"As far as me getting here... You pulled this super smooth move on me," said as she rolled her eyes. God that killed me. She continued, "My laptop was dying out, and we were sitting in the middle of a bunch of two seater tables. All of the outlets were taken and you offered to let me charge up at your place. Said it wasn't for just a couple of blocks. Which it is I believe." The lass got on her toes leaning against the long window."Right there I can see it!." She was probably talking about Stean and Jean's Coffee Beans, great place by the way. Her cheeks pressed hard on the glass. She's gotta know she's that cute. "Now Sir Adam!" She did another one of her spins with yet another one of her looks. She took a step closer to me with each word. "I will tell you my name in exchange Why didn't you correct your name?" She was against me at this point. I tried to stay focus trying to forget how close she is to me. Is she really that into me? What does she see?

"Well since I was meeting you for the first time and considering how attractive you are I was probably just nervous."

And the keurig ding'd.

"O how flattering of you," jokingly snobbish. She waddles back to her metal frame chair and places my good mug onto the table. Pulling in her legs to her chest, wrapping herself to her best in the blue cardigan. "And my name is Evelyn."

I loom back to the pile of dishes. Turning my head I introduce myself, "Well hello Evelyn, very nice to meet you for the second first time."

"Very nice to meet you too Adam, I didn't like that Steve guy anyways."

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