In Iran the hijab is compulsory for women and not wearing it can lead to a prison sentence. Do you believe women should have the choice to not wear the hijab in public?

Are we just going to allow church bells to continue ringing publicly? What’s the difference?

That is the world we currently live in. This is my opinion: Cultural norms are vastly different than what they were in the 80s let alone in the prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) time. There is a term for it العرف

Now we live in a world where sexual relationships and indecent exposure is very prevalent. In our faith, we have no right to force any sort of behaviour upon anybody. Issues present today were never present back in the day. God explicitly states “No compulsion in religion.” Now, yes we can dive deeper to contextualise. However, Muslims are not trying to taking over the world. We practice our faith in a world where there is so much corruption that God will eventually handle & judge. We as a society have no right to force anything upon anyone.

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