Iran makes maximalist demands as nuclear talks reopen

You're the one acting childish with this mustache twisting interpretation of the United States FoPo.

My narrative is literally in the history books. No foreign policy concensus would agree that Trump′s elimination of the Iran Deal was anything other than a needless act of aggression by an unhinged moron.

No, the US is not just waiting for Iran to drop their nuclear program so they can invade them.

Didn't say they were. Just said not having nukes leaves then much more open to invasion and conquer which is objectively true. Ask Israel if they would ever give up their nukes. (Oh right, officially they have none so they′re not subject to inspection. How nice)

What a fucking twitter take.

What a Bezos flair take.

There's been plenty of countries throughout history that dropped their hostility and became buddy-buddy with America.

Worked for the Kurt's and Ukraine! Worked for the Northern Alliance. America never screws over its buddies.

You're being ignorant. Our foreign policy at its core is unironically: you're with us or you're against us.

Talk about ignorant. More like ″We′ve got your back as long as you're materially useful to us and even then we don't mind running over you if it suits our goals″. Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and pretty much the entire world can attest to that.

So yeah, Iran's best bet to stop US aggresion is to just stop being hostile. Just stop it. That's literally it. I challenge you to name one single country in the last 100 years that the US has invaded that was not hostile to America.

Lol nice goalpost moving and pigeonholing. Name a country we haven't screwed over, ever, to suit our own interests more. I can name some pretty recent broken treaties and agreements by America, for that matter.

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