Iran sanctions: Middle East stock markets crash as Tehran enters oil war

Syrian regime is no friend to the Palestinians either

I really dislike the Syrian government, but throughout Palestinian history, the Syrian government is the only Middle Eastern government that politically sided with "Palestinians". Yes, it's done for politics, and it's probably not fuelled by good intentions, welcome to politics, a place where people don't act on feel good bullshit, but on national interests.

Syria entered the Lebanese Civil War as a belligerent when the Palestinians and Shia Lebanese got massacred in S.L.

Syria under Baathist (present day government) control fought two wars against Israel.

Syria supported the PLO in both Jordan and Lebanon, and in-case you've forgotten, Salah Jadid's retarded policy in supporting the Palestinians against the Jordanian goverment during black September got him kicked out of power.

It's true that relations have been strained since Hamas took over, but what did you expect would happen when a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate takes over? Considering M.B. has quite a rocky history with Baathists in Syria.

Palestine has no real allies to be honest.

Palestinians in the Yarmouk Refugee camp (one of the largest camps in Syria) in Syria have literally sided with ISIS, a group that is killing both rebels, and government forces. Palestinians have isolated themselves in Syria, a country that virtually controls Lebanon's foreign policy, and the Levantine "resistance" axis. Another thing to note is Palestinians siding with Saddam during the 1991 invasion, which basically got Palestinians expelled from Kuwait. So, really, if anyone's to blame for Palestinians' lack of allies today are Palestinian leaders themselves.

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