The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, has reacted to Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress by saying that the world and the American people are too intelligent to take advice from “an aggressive and occupier regime” that has itself developed an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

You say my perspective is warped, yet do a horrendous job at explaining why it is warped stating half truths and incorrect contexts. You also don't know how logic works, using radically incorrect logic to support your bias.

So you've latched on to the notion that Iran has already committed war against Israel because it funds Hamas and Hezbollah

You use the word committed like if it is a one time thing. They are currently conducting warfare.

on the premise that Iran finances Hezbollah and Hamas, who both holds seats and are major players in the governments of their respective countries.

Here is a quote from the current leader of the military branch of Hezbollah, the Secretary General, "if [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide". You fail to acknowledge that Hezbollah is a religious military organization, first and foremost, responsible for the the indiscriminate killing of jewish civilians all around the world.

Hamas is also a religious paramilitary organization that regularly commits war crimes and crimes against humanity in its purposeful targeting of civilians. There soul reason for existing is the destruction of Israel.

Both of these organizations started off as religious paramilitary organizations, and, of course, as their military power grew in their specific locations, they acquired political power. Do you see the difference in contexts? You are an apologist to Islamic military groups that regularly commit war crimes.

So, now America has declared war against Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria because it funds Israel?

That does not logically follow at all. An appropriate example that can be compared to Iran's active participation in trying to destroy Israel, would be America's funding and supply of weapons to moderate rebel groups to overthrow the Syrian government. In that example, America is actively trying to destroy and overthrow the Syrian government.

Israel is not trying to destroy the Iranian government/people, Lebanese government/people, and Palestinian government/people. I am not sure if Israel was helping America in trying to overthrow the Syrian government by providing aid and weapons so I won't throw them in that list.

America declared war on Iran when they funded Saddam during the Iraq-Iran war in the '80s? Does Iran have the right to murder American scientists currently working on developing nuclear devices on American soil?

This also does not logically follow for many reasons. I will explain to you at the end of my post the difference between conducting war and declaring war later. America was conducting war against Iran by funding and supplying Iraq with economic aid, weapons, and intelligence. America had already developed many nuclear weapons far before this conflict, so it would make no sense to kill nuclear scientists in American soil. When nuclear capabilities do not exist in a country that is conducting warfare against your country, it would then be justified to their kill nuclear scientists.

Iran helped train Hezbollah originally for the sole purpose of ridding South Lebanon of the ILLEGAL Israeli occupation

You are going to completely ignore that missiles were being fired into Israel from Lebanon from a then much more extreme PLO. Of course Israel would be justified in going into Lebanon to destroy these actors. Israel was not trying to conquer Lebanon and expand its territory, merely defend itself.

Are we not going to take into account that, relatively speaking, countries like Lebanon and Palestine view Israel as the aggressor and occupier, and that the funds they receive are used for self-defense?

It is also important to note that Palestine was never a state in any modern relevant sense. It was a part of the Ottoman Empire, than became the British Mandate of Palestine, a part of it was then given to the jews for the creation of Israel. Seeing as Hamas entirely denies Israel's right to exist and uses all that funding and weapons to destroy Israel when Israel is not trying to destroy Palestine, to say that it is for defense, is nonsense.

the declaration of war encompasses a very specific set of parameters that requires a performative speech act of some sort between countries or states. A legal standing exists between states and nations during wartime. A lot of countries would currently be at war with each other if they went by your "romanticized" criteria

This paragraph is clearly incorrect for a many reasons and demonstrates your naivete and bias. Conducting war and declaring war are two totally different concepts, with the latter being some "romanticized" concept of warfare. Not the former as you irrationally think. If a country or people makes a concerted effort to destroy another country or people than they are conducting war regardless if they officially declare it or not. The fact that you think some grand speech and declaration is required for a country to conduct warfare against another country is outrageously naive and incorrect. If one country does actions against another country that directly and intentionally leads to the deaths of people in this country, this is conducting warfare. A formal declaration of war, is a legal concept used by the international community to then treat the actions of countries as x or noncriminal. It should also be mentioned official declarations of war exists between a state and other states. Iran does not recognize Israel as a state so even if they wanted to, they could/would never declare war against Israel despite obviously conducting war against them.

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