The Irate Gamer Memories!

It was pretty evident he was ripping off AVGN. I think he used exact quotes from AVGN in his videos. Not to mention Chris was involved with some questionable things. His advertisement for DealDash or whatever and the giveaways he would do that I doubt ever actually happened. Eventually he started to kind of make his show a bit more unique, but it was pretty awful. I do enjoy his videos though. Chris Bores' acting is just unbelievably bad and the parodies that came from it were hilarious. Plus I have a soft spot for Ronnie the Skeleton.

I genuinely liked Game Dude though. He was closer to my age so the games he reviewed were more relevant to me. I really felt bad for the guy since he came off as a bit crazy. He would constantly remake his videos because he wanted each one to have a perfect 5 star rating. He made video responses to anyone who criticized his video and he was very obsessed with any negative feedback. It was like he didn't get that people were doing it intentionally to screw with him. Then the whole thing with his ex-girlfriend and I heard he ended up fleeing his country or some shit. I hope the guy is alright. I do enjoy their videos though. They may not be that great, but their content is entertaining one way or another.

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