Why do the Irish lack individuality?

You're the only one here with a chip on your shoulder.

"No u".

Keep an eye on posts here from tourists themselves. The ones that take in a chunk of Ireland as they travel around tend to only mention Dublin in passing and rave about other places they much preferred.

Not exactly a scientifically verified source, is it? Seems like the type of anecdotal reference that would be misinterpreted by your own bias.

You may not like it but other parts of Ireland tend to have their own appeal in terms of scenery and landscape etc. and certainly nicer and friendlier people than Dublin, as you're proving for me.

You are completely out of touch with reality. Most tourists love both parts of the island. Any tourist I've spoken with in Dublin thinks the atmosphere of the city and the friendliness of the people is amazing. You can read any travel blog about Dublin and 4/5 times the locals come up as a highlight.

Did you ever consider Dubliners think you specifically are a cunt because you are the type of person to side with the lad who calls us fake Irish and have a go at me for shite talking O'Neills?

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