IRL Streamer Ice_Poseidon gets in argument with homeless black man over using the n word. Commenter in thread points out how just minutes before Ice_Poseidon was ranting about how he struggled as a youth despite living in a gated community. Ice_Poseidon fans do not react well.

His fanbase gained a habit of trying to mess with him during these streams, calling the police to his house, calling up restaurants he ate at, stuff like that

He got the attention of raidforums, they are behind the swatting. As for callers, he's said himself that when he used to answer the phone it was usually the same guy on the other end. It's not "his fanbase" it's a small handful of people

Twitch wanted Ice to try and reign in his fanbase.

Simply not true, twitch never publicly talk about ban reasons.

just filming his day-to-day activities

He generally makes a point of doing things for the stream, his daily activities would otherwise be sitting in his room smoking weed and nobody would be watching.

He got popular streaming runescape and allowing racist song donations and faking reactions to them, then moved on to pokemon go where he walked around chatting to people and acting like he didn't give a shit. that is the reason he is popular, he talks to people and people generally respond well to him. go watch his early pokemon go streams

He definitely gamed /r/livestreamfail by putting himself in situations where he knows he'll get clickbait/interesting footage. He deliberately acts stupid to get nice clips that he know people will post and others will upvote. He's not the only person to do that

They banned him for the plane incident, which he kinda did bait by streaming at the airport but also that means he is responsible for the actions of others because streaming at an airport isn't (or wasn't) actually prohibited on twitch. Previous suspensions were for racist song donations

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