Irma is gone. My mind trick monti bleached, plum crazy acro lost some color, and at some point my Valentini puffer, Pete, jumped out of his FOWLR. My only losses so far. I went ahead and picked up Pierre the blue dot puffer today to fill the hole that Pete left. He made himself at home already.

Thank you very much. I hope it gets that way as well. When I started this hobby years ago it was fish, freshwater. Then i decided one day saltewater, fish only. And you know how it goes, coral, nems, etc etc. I keep upping the ante. But I picked up a green spotted puffer (also Pierre) years ago. He lived 8 years and he was the coolest. But after he dies I shut that tank down and sold off all of the components. Pete was the next one. I had him for one year before you know what. I also, took a pea puffer from a lfs that was shutting down. I went in looking for a deal on test kits and calcium, meds, all of the things that are good to have on hand. Anyway, I left there with the last fish they had. A skinny little pea puffer about a half inch long. I set him up in a 10 gallon with two apple snails, a couple of ghost shrimp, and some moss balls with a sponge filter. He is now a robust, little fatty at almost a full inch in length. Each puffer I have had exhibits very similar personality traits, even the little guy.

Maybe I have a puffer problem. I cannot resist that personality.

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