Irony EXPLOSION! Alex Jones of Infowars fame has spend decades as a patriot seeking to shine a light on 'shadowy' plots against America & her constitution. There is finally evidence of a real conspiracy against America and not only did he not uncover it, but it's part of it - and on the WRONG SI

What I find interesting is how many left-wingers before the most recent election would post Alex Jones stuff about chemtrails, GMOS, vaccine stuff, BOhemian Grove etc. during George W.'s presidency. I was actually surprised Jones supported Trump---but I think it's mostly because Trump realized he needed to reach Jones's audience and was consequently very friendly and accommodating. I think Jones was flattered by all of this and picked who to support based on who provided the greatest narcissistic supply. Of all the things Trump did that people thought would lose him the election, I'm surprised hardly ANYONE seems to mention "going on a FUCKING CONSPIRACY THEORY RADIO SHOW!"

Jones ROASTED Gary Johnson constantly, even though Infowars always seemed to play up the Libertarian angle, albeit with the heavy survivalist angle, mostly because Johnson was a difficult and contentious guest by comparison to Trump. I think it's probably a bit more complicated but that's the sense I got.

I have no idea how many of the conspiracy theories any of these people really believe.

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