Overlords is garbage and so are the people that like it.

The MC's whole deal is he's trying to navigate the intricacies of pretending to be an undead/immortal overlord while maintaining his humanity. But the shitty writer forgot after like 2 fucking encounters, now he's just straight up evil and his attempts at being good fall flat.

The only one that started off good took the worst nose dive in the series. He tries doing good with his hero alter ego, even has a good alibi for his evil cronies that he's just gathering info and creating a useful persona. He then has the plan to attack the capital with his cronies and make his persona drive them back, FANTASTIC! Then he okays a plan from his subordinate to abduct A FUCKING HUNDRED THOUSAND MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO TORTURE AND EXPERIMENT ON.

Even the part where he wipes out the threatening nations armies, he easily could have shown his power and forced them into a retreat. but no, he chooses TO KILL EVERY LIVING THING IN A 10 MILE RADIUS! What the fuck does this do to further literally any of his goals, even the evil ones? Who the fuck is going to tell others the horror of the massacre when literally every single living person in the area was completely obliterated?

Anyone who likes this show is mentally incapacitated and has a worthless opinion.

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