Isekai protagonists fear no man. But that *thing*, it scares them

You are very optimistic, we all know literary can change people mind but imo it's not as strong as convos around that piece of media, people usually dont get violence of video games, that happens quite rarely, however people do get violence of gaming forums that willingly deny the bad things the game mc did. It's the same with anime, there are people who call themselves yeagerists on reddit and let me tell you, when irl nazis comes up in a convo, you would see nazis justifications with postive upvotes. I can catalog a imgur album of weebs in a certain subreddit justifying actions in general and not just in the story if you want. There was this guy who blamed a slave because he stole money and ran away, even tho a slave is not treated by others as a human but they are expected to not find an escape and not steal? That was actually a very common argument made by slave onwers btw. Stealing is bad no doubts, but slavery is way way worse, no one should ever use that argument to demonize slaves for wanting to run away with cash to start a new life.

People did not justify Thanos that much, instead they even made fun of him for not doubling resources or make everything consume half the resources. Some people think the comic plot of Thanos wanting to impress the character Death would have been better for the movie. But of course there are justifiers outside of weebdom too.

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