ISFP doesn't text - not interested?

I thought you might be while i was reading :) I've gone the pattern of stopping texting to wait and see with no reply from him. When i referenced it he had the audacity to say he thought i didnt want to talk when he was the one who left me on read in the middle of what i thought was a conversation o_o

The problem is he only ever implies things. When my brain is doing weird things like self doubting, implications are worth almost nothing. When i explained this he just doubled down on vagueness being who he is.

I think ive sort of answered my question though. Seeing it all written out looks like a pretty clear case of "he's just not that into you" :/ thanks for the reply! I hope things are easier for you and your isfp. I think infp/isfp can be a great combination of energies but hot damn communication can will break down in ways you'd never imagine.

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