ISFP doesn't text - not interested?

That's the thing...he's talked like that too, referencing friendships that fizzle and people who ghost him and I just want to shake him by the shoulders and tell him why they gave up because it seems so obvious to me. He finds it so easy to believe people lose interest in him, when I've seen how much people adore him, and how magnetic he can be. I feel like I understand that this is just part of who he is. But then...I am who I am too. I can't account for both our deficiencies when I can barely handle my own.

I was at that point - on the brink of ending it - when I mentioned to him. And have been at that point a few times since. I've talked myself in and out of this friendship more times than I can count. But unfortunately he sees the pattern as entirely my problem. And worse he's been hurt that I've essentially called him a bad friend. Likewise I've been hurt that he's suggested I'm too needy/high maintenance. Sometimes I don't even care that I'll lose him if it just helps him understand and maybe develop his skills with people for future friendships.

Thanks for your reply, seeing someone who is aware of doing this to loved ones and actively working on it has been such a comfort. I feel 100% less insane than I did this morning.

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