ISIS loses Tikrit

Religion is awful because the very nature of religion does not allow free thinking. There is a law established, and you must obey. The reason why the Bible is still around is because the message of the New testament is so powerful, it's the very opposite of what religion is. Jesus Christ fought the established religion and their teachings.

What I envision isn't the inhalation of religion, I want to see it taken down from this pedestal where we can't challenge it. We need to analyze the history of religion, how it has shaped our culture, and we need to teach about religion within the historical context.

If you think Jesus died on the cross and came back, I would say you are not a sane person. No one comes back from death, it just hasn't been proven. Immaculate conception, it's not real, what's a more probable theory is that someone got pregnant and didn't want to die because she violated religious laws, and so she took on a fake husband to conceal her affair.

We need to separate fact from fiction, the Bible is a fiction story. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not in line with reality, and even though they must be permitted to exist, we need to challenge it. The problems with the middle east and Israel is a biblical problem. Palestinians lived on that lane, the holocaust happened, and the Jews returned to the land of Biblical times and took it back. The U.S. supports Israel because they are the chosen people in the Bible.

We need to live in a world were our action are dictated by facts, we can learn from fiction, but we must distinguish fact from fiction. Only when education reigns supreme can we defeat ISIS, because ISIS isn't something new, it's just a new name to something which has existed since the beginning of time, which is ignorance.

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