Isn't this a bit too much for flexing.

I saw this too yesterday and I had to reflect if this was something worth flexing. Iniisip ko na lang sana masaya yung anak nya sa ginawa for the mom. Ang off lang siguro na part na she's using argumentum ad misericordiam and did it twice (probably more) to get what she wants. This toxic Filipino culture irks me. Don't get me wrong. I love my mom and all but sometimes, I resent the thought that she sees us, her children as retirement plans. To each his own sabi nga nila but that's just my take on this. Kaya ako pag nag-anak talaga (not sure if gusto ko ba), I need to remind myself na the sole reason kaya ko siya dinala sa mundo is because I genuinely want to take care of someone and not because takot ako tumanda mag-isa or para may gagastos for me.

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