This isn't just a murder, he completely mutilated the body

The man is ignorant and forgetting the 2nd Amendment. It is our right to bear fire arms unfortunately we have idiots. And people trying to take away that right for the second amendment that has a very important role in history. If you weren’t taught this in your high school US History class then I’m sorry. But the right to Bear fire arms is an American right. And it can never be taken away for the sake of anything. The second amendment also plays a role in preventing the government from becoming too high of a power so that way the citizens can defend themselves against the government yes this is very true this is actually something the founding fathers thought of and thought about when they made these amendments. The problem with people like you wanting to take away the guns is do you really really think that criminals illegal criminals, just to make sure you heard me or you read this illegal criminals spelled I L L E G A L C R I M I N A L S, I really going to get guns from the right and legal way? Take away the citizens guns we can’t protect ourselves the bad guys are going to get guns either way because you’re crafty like that take away our guns you take away our way of defending ourselves. I mean seriously do you think we’re all going to turn into John wicks with knives and learn how to throw a knife like on the other side of the football field and hitting a guy square in the head right between the eyes when he’s stealing little old granny’s purse? I mean come on this is America. we need guns for our citizens.

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