Isn't it odd that nearly all the sages of all the ages explicitly teach oneness, and yet Jesus and the Buddha teach oneness only covertly and at root? My views on the New World Order.

There is a reason for all that.

It's that all religions are myths and they come from the same source, according to Joseph Campbell the worlds foremost mythologist.

In the christian world, the myths split a few hundred years after Jesus into an 'occult christianity' model ('gnosticism') and 'orthodox christianity' model.

So as to avoid reproach, let me say here that 'myths' aren't 'fake stories', they are living allegories or 'tropes' that play out in people's lives time and time again--which necessarily means that myth is a first-class concept that guides our lives. My point is that myths are real, we are living in myth. I'm not trying to insult your relgions.

Anyway, the idea that it comes from one source is then triangulated by verification of historical Jesus, versus biblical Jesus which is not-contradictory, just different in terms of characterization.

Historical Jesus was an essene, which was a cultist that one could characterise as a hippie, vegan, kibbutz-dwelling (Jew)--with striking buddhist ideals/ethic (no killing, ever, the idea of a path, the idea of sacredness of others including animals, purity of mind and mediation). Essenes, like other cults ("small religious traditions located in a specific place"), may have consumed a psychedelic sacrament postulated to be mushrooms (soma/haoma/ambrosia/kykeon), much like the eleusinian, orphic, mithraic traditions nearby. This is the understanding gained by the relatively newly discovered and translated dead sea scrolls and apocrypha--books of thomas, enoch, jubilee, etc.

There is one scroll that is said to be 'the straight dope' translated by John Allegro and this translation ruined his career. We've not been able to see that scroll or translation as the Pope has redacted it and censored it from further scrutiny. Allegro said that Jesus was an anthropomorphization of--specifically Amanita muscaria mushroom, that Jesus was a straw man used as allegory/example in the Essene tradition. He further posited that 'consuming my body' had to do with eating a mushroom and drinking my blood was that the mushroom was in a tea. Preposterous! His book contains references and his transliterations of the passages--he makes a good argument, but his contemporaries ridiculed and blackballed him because of it.

Disregarding Allegro's contention, under this historical Jesus perspective, Jesus was--by membership among the Essenes ("Nazarene Essenes"), considered a "gnostic" and a type of off-brand Kabbalist. Which makes sense then, because he was met at birth by the three astrologer wizards, the kabbalistic 'wize men'--the essene elders, with wood based incense used in magic protection spells.

Under Christian tradition, saying this is blasphemous, but think about it....what the crap is the incense about then? It's either magical or medicinal, back then there was no formal distinction between the two. Otherwise random resins would be worthless.

My point in all this is that story Jesus and historical Jesus conflict, and unfortunately historical Jesus had a background in Kabbalism and what would seem to be similar to transcendental and vipassana meditation, possibly traditions learned via the silk road and middle eastern nomadics with whom they interacted and traded. During the time of Jesus, you found a mixing or syncretism of egyptian/greek hermetics, eleutherianism, kabbalism, astrology, numerology, zoroastrianism, mithraism (mystery traditions), and eastern dead religions; and these coagulated into a 'gnostic' tradition, which then was later subsumed into a Roman paganism by emperors and burgeoning christian plutocrats until Christianity bifurcated into 'occultic / secretive gnosticism' and 'official' dogmatic tradition of the authoritarians.

Over the next thousand years, we know the history of christianity, it unified into catholic, split into calvinism and catholicism, calvinism split many times into protestantism, lutheranism, episcopalian, etc and now we have a bunch of competing fast food chains of church brands. The gnostic tradition is much less clear but I believe it went underground and was preserved in mystery cults until it became a semi-formalized tradition of alchemy, which was practiced by templars, and they were burned at the stake for it in the 14th century for these 'pagan' / 'occult' traditions, often called generically, 'witchcraft', but is technically western shamanism. My personal theory is that they were concocting psychedelic substances under the guise of 'trying to create gold' or the 'philosopher's stone'. When you investigate, you realize that alchemy itself is a formalized methodology for psychology / spirituality whose stages of disintegration / reintegration sound exactly like what happens on a very strong acid trip ("psychedelics dissolve boundaries"--McKenna).

So templars were the only class of people rich enough to afford lab equipment to perform this stuff. If they got deep into it, sometimes they got grants from noblemen to turn base metals into gold, and surely they took their money and never produced a single instance of gold, but instead was able to explore the depths of their minds in the pursuit.

Fast forward, the templars/malta became the rosicrucians, the rosicrucians became the freemasons, the freemasons became embedded into every intelligence agency and NGO in the planet; but on the lowest levels they are simply protestants earning money for shriner hospitals---but on the higher levels they perform ritual magic, guided by the ponderance of VITRIOL -- Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem or Visit the interior of the Earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone. It's been postulated that 'visit interior of the earth' means 'go to the deepest parts of your mind'.

Freemasons pretend to be christians but aren't. They are gnostics, magicians, alchemists. They seem to mock Christians with their various 'hoax' documents like the Albert Pike letter, the protocols of the elders of zion, and the theosophical witch's document to enslave humanity. They are called 'hoax' documents, and yet, somehow all the content seems to come true....? They embed sigils and symbols of evil and power into our money, into corporate logos. Some freemasons have come out and said 'I am lucifer', etc. Freemasons haver a white and black type. The whites are luciferians 'the light' version of satan, and the black ones are 'satanists'. Under their model, lucifer is the true god and elohim was a fake god that imprisoned humans.

If you go further down the rabbit hole of the nag hammadi you learn about archons, the demiurge, and lots of fun stuff about extradimensional beings that feed off our negativity and it just gets weirder, so I'll stop there.

Here we are now. 14 yrs after 9/11. Which was itself was a global abuse ritual whose goal was to prove to people how individually powerless they are to the larger powers at play. Subconsciously, when the towers fell, everyone knew right away that it was a freemasonic ploy and what we were seeing was impossible. No a plane does not blow up a building designed expressly to be hit by a plane and also to be on a much hotter fire for a much more extended amount of time.

All the data is there, we've seen it all over and over again. The suspension of disbelief was either shattered or continued for the next 14yrs as a truther or faither respectively. The cognitive dissonance in the mind of someone who simply cannot accept that the government would do them in, yet subconsiously knowing that they did...leaves a very painful thorn in your mind--that's the abuse.

So here we are in 2015.. In this hemisphere, we have a covert battle of 'brands' between the Christians and Gnostics. The Gnostics seem to be winning. They run pop music to shift our time orientation to the present so we will make impulse buys instead of planning for the future or organizing to figure out all this I've put here for you. They've embedded themselves in intelligence networks worldwide, build spectacularly advanced technology systems for mass surveillance. It's all a kind of luciferian strategy to understand and control everyone.

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