Why isn't Peirs Anthony talked about much here?

Again, its what you bring into it, it isn't the 14 year old which is the offer, its his ability to have any woman he desires. That is you reading what you want to read as I clearly said was an issue. The 14 year old form was, if I recall correctly, just the first form she appeared to him in, not the form offering him sex. So no, it isn't creepy as fuck, its creepy to you because you are trying to find stuff in the book to be creepy. It is, as I said, what you bring into it.

As for your other quote, it isn't a fucking perspective anyone has, it was presented as a slip of a tongue in the middle of a trail all about rape. Again, you are reading it how you want to read it to make it as bad as possible when it is nothing in context of the book.

(The trail while aspects of it were questionable was about as good as you could expect, what do you want a medieval society to do, run a rape kit? The sex wasn't contested, that it was rape was, and even in modern days the exact same case would get tossed, just for differing reasons)

So again I will say, the book is half what you bring into it. The reason you find it creepy and unhealthy is because you are trying to find it creepy and unhealthy.

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