Isolated and alone after suicide attempt

I kinda know what you're going through, I've tried offing myself twice now, the second time (and the time I could've actually succeeded) I didn't even tell anyone at the time, just had a crises and moved on. Idk if that's your case but in mine, I was just really ashamed of myself and scared of how people would react,(in the first time) my own parents were blaming me for "being selfish and not thinking of them", the only time my best friend interacted with that fact was when she asked to touch my scars(???) and I've actually lost a friend after it. If you're not secure or comfortable talking about the incident itself, you can just say you're going through a rough time, that maybe you need them around you but you don't feel like explaining it too much, just be honest with them and tell them what you feel like, don't give any explanations you don't want to, and it's okay, people can be insensitive sometimes but it's only because they don't understand or can't put themselves in your place because they've never experienced such a thing, so don't worry and go at your own pace <3

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