Isolation has made my cravings pretty bad

Saaaaaame. This quarantine has turned every day into a blur. I’ve been taking tons of kratom and smoking weed just nonstop, and recently my friend got so stressed out from the quarantine she got a Xanax script and shared a few with me. Went through 6mg in three days (not that much but I’ve always tried to never take more than 4mg a week max), and loved just gliding through these boring days. I hadn’t taken Xanax in a while before then and had been trying to stay away from it but getting a taste of it again threw that right out the window and now of course I’ve got a pack coming in the mail. Ironic because I tried to get a legit appointment but the soonest was over a month out, so I went to the onions and now I’ll have my medicine in my mailbox in like three days max.

I just want things to go back to normal. I feel so gross.

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