Israel to brand anti-assimilation group Lehava as terrorists

you just compared palestinians to dogs. let that sink into your brain for a minute how little you think of them. I believe that's called the subtle bigotry of low expectations.

You make it sound like every country is like them. No. In world war II, the Japanese were defeated utterly, like the palestinians. So were the germans. They both were occupied for long periods of time. There are still, to this day, major u.s. military bases in both countries. In 1945 The U.S. killed more Japanese on average every few days than the Israelis have killed palestinians ever, or ever will most likely. This Only 3 years before the 1948 israeli war of independence.

Yet look at them now. Both countries have good relations with the U.S. Both have a thriving first world economy. Japan has a constitution that forbids them from having a military. I would compare it to how netanyahu wants a future palestinian state to be demilitarized. Is that so unreasonable? Because why would Israel give them a state without security guarantees?

And you blame the palestinian quality of life on the occupation. I blame it on the resistance. Do you know how much aid they receive? And what have they done with it. Certainly nothing like what the europeans did with the marshal plan. Look at arab-israelis. They have the highest standard of living of any arabs in the middle east. The palestinians could be like them if they stopped sending suicide bombers and rockets to israel and started focusing on economic development instead. If they started using all of the ridiculous amount of international aid they receive for something constructive.

But they won't do any of this, because they're destined to be yet another tin-pot corrupt arab failed state, not due to the israelis, but due to the poisonous ideology that is radical islam, which tells them that instead of picking up the pieces of their country and rebuilding, they should blow themselves up.

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