Israel has no right to exist in Palestine

Look homie, I think what nearly all of the people here are saying and what you don't seem to understand is that Israel exists. It's never going to stop existing. It has a right to exist regardless of how or why it came to exist. It exists. That's never going to change. It is a full fledged independent country with all the benefits of full fledged independent countries and it is recognized by the entire world as a full fledged independent country.There is nothing that you or anyone else can do about that so suck it up and swallow it down. If you support Palestine....which is questionable but I think judging by some of your comments here, you kinda sorta seem to, then you should support Palestine in negotiating with Israel to resolve the occupation and to create an independent economically viable democratic state that represents Palestinians... next door to Israel, not over it's remains.

As a Palestinian, I can tell you that introducing yourself to this sub by taking a hardcore extremist position such as "rabble rabble rabble....Israel has no right to exist..." is definitely NOT supporting the Palestinian right to self-determination, nor does it promote dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis, nor does it do anything to promote tolerance and understanding between the two sides. People like you that claim to support Palestine and then go on and say dumb things like that are ruining the cause for real Pro-Palestinians. It should also be noted that being Pro-Palestinian doesn't mean being Anti-Israeli. I know that might be a shocker for you but if you think about it, it's true. Supporting Palestine and Israel to resolve the conflict helps promote the creation of a BETTER Palestine and a BETTER Israel. Palestinian parents don't want their kids arrested tortured and thrown in administrative detention and I'm sure as hell that Israelis don't want their kids forced into armed service on the frontlines in yet another pointless and stupid Gaza war from which they may or may not come back....all because a handful of stupid politicians on both sides are stubborn morons who refuse to talk to each other. Again, I am a Palestinian and I certainly don't want to erase Israel or kill all the Jews. I want their people to stop killing our people and I want our people to stop killing their people. It's as simple as that. I'm a Human Rights supporter. The keyword there is HUMAN and believe it or not Palestinians and Israelis are both humans. I can't support human rights for Palestinians exclusively because then that would mean that I'm not a human rights supporter. So I object to Israeli psychos burning kids to death but I also object idiot teenagers thinking they're going to liberate an entire nation by sticking a knife in an old lady's belly. Both are human rights violations and both do absolutely nothing to resolve the conflict. What they do is further entrench the cycle of violence and up the hatred on both sides preventing any real progress for a solution to be reached. Perhaps I'm ranting but...whatever. I hope you get my point. If not, oh well. Atleast I tried.

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