Israel, UAE, and Bahrain sign peace treaty

Israel will halt expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank Territory.

This would be nice. I'm really hoping they stop the whole settlement clown fiesta, and I'm saying that as someone who generally likes Israel.

It's not fair for Israelis because it traps them in nonstop turmoil, and bloodies their reputation, and history. Imagine being an Israeli and constantly reading flak online about this settlement shit. And then imagine you're drafted to the IDF because terrorists and paramilitaries keep trying to attack you over this crap.

It's not fair for Palestinians either, because it turns their borders into swiss cheese. It'd be like if America had a bunch of cities in Canada that arbitrarily belonged to America. You can't have stable borders if another country literally pokes holes in your territory. Not only that, but the presence of settlement expansion strikes deep in their fear that they are losing their land. (And whether you agree with Palestinians or not, we can at least acknowledge the emotions they feel.)

This whole shitshow with the settlements caused nothing but conflict. It didn't help israelis, and it sure as hell didn't help palestinians. All it did was appease religious radicals and bitter nationalists who cling to some crap about Jordanian territories being former Israel. (The history on that is actually a bit complex, but the point is we need to move on.)

The sooner we turn the page on this crap, the sooner we can get back to forming a two-state solution, and the sooner Israelis can have peace, so they can enjoy anime and Harucon 2021 once this pandemic shit is over, instead of worrying about what the latest haaretz or aljazeera headlines on reddit are going to say.

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