Israel: we will not supply weapons to Ukraine. Zelensky is very good at making enemies

My last post since it's just dominating this thread, ha.

Yes and then Russia invaded and annex crimea.

Correct, its only warm water port. As well understood as a cause for war today as it was 2 centuries ago.

Now they invaded again and annexed more of the country.

Crimea, perhaps the ONLY non-negotiable result of this war, can have its water turned off at will without the northern piece, rendering it unusable. The rest occupied, again, want to join Russia.

In a democracy

Just to be clear it's a relatively well-established fact at this point that the "spreading of democracy" is a western front to take over countries. Yea they can vote, but if we don't like the result.... Again, pretty sure this moved from "conspiracy theory" to "main line history" in like the 80s.

Anywho, I'm out. You seem reasonable, far too many ppl aren't when it comes to these things and I truly fear that lack of reasonableness could result in nukes. I have zero bias on these issues besides NOT wanting it to come to that. Peace.

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