Israeli settlers raze old monastery in West Bank

The Israelis constantly smash up all record of Palestinian history.

... On the night of April 3, 2002 at approximately 9:00 p.m., hundreds of Israeli tanks, armored vehicles and bulldozers entered the city of Nablus from 3 directions; the west, the south and the east. The invasion led to a great loss of human life (71 thus far including five children) and the injury of many more. Less quickly quantifiable is large-scale damage and destruction to the city's infrastructure as well as to its irreplaceable cultural heritage centered in the Old City (Casbah).

... preliminary report on the damages that occurred to the cultural heritage of Nablus:

  1. Al-Khadra Mosque, (more than 1000 years old), was 85% destroyed. The beautifully sculpted and inlaid mihrab was destroyed. The IDF used bulldozers with drill and other attachments.

  2. Al-Kabeer Mosque, which is 1800 years old (Being Byzantine Church before), was 20% destroyed.

  3. Al-Satoon Mosque, which is 1600 years old (Being Byzantine Church before), was 20% destroyed (windows also shattered).

  4. Greek Orthodox Church located in Yasmin quarter, which is 400 years old, was 40% destroyed (Building not destroyed but the Alter place, chandelier, pews, bibles, shattered glass, cracked walls). The structure is too unsafe to be used for prayer. Also outside rooms belonging to the Church heavily damaged.

  5. At least 60 houses of different historical periods (1500 AD - 1940) were totally destroyed. Over 200 houses were partially destroyed.

  6. At least 80% of the renovated stone-paved streets of the Old City were totally damaged.

  7. Al-Shifa Turkish bath, which is 400 years old, was hit by three rockets, which caused 50% damage to the bath. The part destroyed was the more important historical section of the baths; the destruction was by apache gunship shelling.

Believe it or not, that report came out of the city soon the destroyers went in - but its apparently impossible to discover what's happened since.

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