Israeli soldiers shoot, kill Palestinian youth south of Nablus

Things I learned about Israel recently (1/2)

1) Zionism is a political ideology that hijacked and betrayed the teachings and values of Judaism to justify a criminal colonial project based on the systematic ethnic cleansing of the native inhabitants of Palestine through organized terrorism. As such Zionism is to Judaism what ISIS is to Islam: an extremist criminal ideology based on a grotesque distortion of the values and spirit of religion. Zionism promotes Jewish supremacism over non-Jews in Palestine and is thus the pinnacle of irony and hypocrisy considering its proponents decry Nazism’s Aryan supremacism over non-Aryans in Germany.

2) Zionist nationalism is based on a form of nationalism found in Eastern European nations such as Russia and Poland. This nationalism is based on ethnic ownership of the land. Poland is for ethnic Poles and Russia is for ethnic Russians. This contrasts with Western European nationalism found in places like France and the US where the land belongs to anyone who is a citizen of the state.

3) Zionism draws much of its arguments for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine from the 5 books of Moses and the book of Joshua. The latter is the story of how the ancient Israelites conquered the promised land of Canaan (present day Levant) under the leadership of Joshua and the full blessing of God by repeatedly perpetrating massacres of unfathomable barbarity against the Canaanites where no man, woman or child was left standing. The book of Joshua therefore legitimizes the use of ruthless violence by Zionists in their quest to conquer and dominate Palestine. The latest massacre of the people of Gaza through indiscriminate bombing of civilians, women, children, residential buildings, hospitals, schools and even shelters follows the spirit of the book of Joshua to a t. Conversely, Jews in the West have a more universalist approach based on the tradition of the prophets.

4) Before declaring the independence of Israel, zionists had already committed 16 gruesome massacres against the Palestinians and ethnically cleansed 200,000 of them. All of this happened before neighbouring Arab armies decided to intervene. The zionist narrative claiming Israel was gratuitously attacked by the Arab armies is a lie.

5) Israel is the only country in the world without a constitution (Britain has the Magna Carta rather than a constitution). This means the supreme court of Israel can just make up laws as it goes along as there are no official principles setting the framework of the law.

6) The highest court in Israel has determined that “Israeli” is not an identity. As such Jewishness is the foundation of identity in Israel, not citizenship. Palestinians in Israel are considered simply "Arabs", since Palestinian identity is not recognized. However, this abstract pure Arab identity exists only in Israel. Everywhere else Arab people are Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Iraqi and Palestinian.

7) The Israeli regime fully meets the internationally recognized legal criteria of apartheid as defined in the International Covenant on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid and which includes the following 6 categories of crimes:

  • Massive violation of human rights and civil rights
  • Imposition of inhumane living conditions, such as poverty
  • Society-wide legalized discrimination in areas such as finance, housing, employment, education, and access to cultural events
  • Isolating the victim group geographically, such as in ghettoes
  • Exploitation of labor, such as slavery or forced labor or discrimination in wages
  • Inhumane suppression of rebellion against apartheid

8) The apartheid state of Israel controls the entire land of Palestine from the river to the sea. On this land Jews are a minority with all the rights and privileges while Palestinians are a majority deprived of their most basic human rights. There are 4.55 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and 1.68 million Palestinians who are "citizens" of Israel, for a total of 6.23 million Palestinians. On the other hand there are 6.12 million Jews including the 0.5 million Jewish settlers living illegally in the West Bank. In order to arrive at a fictitious Jewish majority, The state of Israel doesn't statistically count the West Bank and Gaza (that it de facto dominates completely) as part of Israel's territory while simultaneously counting the Jewish settlers of those territories as citizens of Israel. The effect of this gerrymandering is to make the 4.55 million Palestinians who live under Israeli occupation disappear magically. In other words a Jew in the occupied West Bank counts as a human being and a citizen, while a non-Jew counts as an invisible sub-human non-entity.

9) In the West bank Palestinians are subject to Israeli military law, while the Jewish settlers who live just next door are subject to Israeli civil law. Israeli soldiers in the West Bank can arrest, shoot and kill Palestinians without any repercussions, but they have no authority whatsoever on Jewish settlers. All over the West Bank there are roads and highways that are for Jews only and Palestinians are forbidden from using them.

10) Palestinians are subject to relentless persecution to the extent that they are not just punished for resisting, but also prevented from surrendering. Surrender entails that one is left in peace after surrendering. However Palestinians are not given that choice. They are humiliated, dispossessed and killed no matter what they do.

11) Palestinians in the West Bank are denied freedom of movement by being required to go through a multitude of Israeli checkpoints intended to humiliate and control them. Palestinians in need of medical assistance are required to have a permit to pass through checkpoints. These permits are issued to Doctors Without Borders who can then deliver them to Palestinians in need. However Israel frequently prevents Doctors Without Borders from entering the Palestinian territories and therefore the permits cannot be delivered to those who need them. This is a deliberate strategy by Israel to deny medical treatment to Palestinians.

12) During WW2 the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto smuggled food and weapons into the ghetto through tunnels. The Nazis called them terrorists. That's right, Jews who were simply trying to smuggle some food into their open air prison and some weapons to protect themselves against a supremacist regime bent on their utterly destroying them were labelled terrorists. And this is precisely what Israeli is doing today to the Palestinians who are locked into their open air ghetto prisons and labelled terrorists for resisting Zionist oppression and defending their dignity against unthinkable horror.

13) The letter bomb, parcel bomb, barrel bomb, market bomb, and car bomb were all introduced into the Middle East by zionist terrorist paramilitary groups such as the Irgun, Lehi and Haganah. One of the most famous zionist massacres in Palestine is the massacre of Deir Yassin. The peaceful village which had declared neutrality during the 1948 hostilities was depopulated following the massacre of over 250 villagers, half of them women and children at the hands of Irgun and Lehi commandos. This event helped trigger the 1948 exodus of more than 700,000 Palestinians who were expelled from their homes or fled fearing other zionist massacres. The culture of terrorism and ethnic cleansing inaugurated and pioneered by zionist paramilitary groups and upon which Israel was founded continues to be the modus operandi of the ironically named IDF which is an aggressive occupation force specializing in terrorizing civilians.

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