Israeli students accuse Ben & Jerry’s of illegally occupying Native American lands

No natives ever sold any land to anyone.
If I see you shivering on the street and offer you my couch for the night, I didnt sell you my house.
If you give me some money thats woefully less than my home is worth, you didnt buy my home, youre paying your rent.
If you change the locks while im at work and tell me I have to live in the shed out back while you and every one of your brothers, cousins, and nephews rape my wife and daughters, destroy our neighborhood, and kill any of us who complain
AND THEN tell us we need to share the shed with the neighbors because you need their land for your pool, and the shed needs to move far away from any sort of economic potential because you dont like looking at it anymore....

Yeah no one sold a damn thing. Pull your head out

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