Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu shared a fake video from the Hallmark series 'Pandemic' and claimed it as evidence that Iran was covering up its coronavirus deaths

It's a bit more nuanced than you think. Using clips from Pandemic is entirely Nettanyahu's fault, not the Mossad.

Frankly, even the Mossad is fed up with Nettanyahu. He regularly ignores their recommendations, goes against them, and makes an ass out of Israel on the world stage,

A former head of Mossad even called Nettanyahu voters "ignorant" and morally nonexistent.

“His [Netanyahu’s] voters are ignorant people, with zero understanding. His political base is people whose moral standards are almost nonexistent,” Shabtai Shavit told the Maariv newspaper in extracts released Thursday from a wide-ranging interview to be published Friday.


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