Issues automating mounting networked attached storage (NAS) to FireTV directory

So basically I have been working on this for a while, so much so that I have tried so many different things that its at a point where you loose track of what worked, what didnt, and why. Basically the long and short is post android 4.3 SELinux breaks applications from reading the mount point and thats ultimately what you need to know, its done for security purposes and a lot of people have griped about but it doesn't seem thats changing any time soon which sucks. Anyway, with that said as far as automating, No I have not gotten that working yet, but I did come up with an alternative method that I think will ultimately allow me to but it needs more testing.

Basically I wrote a linux bash script to be run from a linux machine using bash on the network with adb in its path and when configured it executes adb commands to the ftv to make the mountpoints and mount the shares, and it works! This is great, for me, but its manual at the moment unless you run it via cron every so often and even for me thats not what I am after but the next step should get it where it needs to be I just have not had the time to update the script and test it but via a juicessh terminal locally on the firetv it works fine as a non-root user which leads me to believe that after I get the chance to do so you can then execute this same script from either tasker, or Rom Toolbox Pro's scripter on boot on the firetv and the script will work automatically mounting the shares.

If you (or anyone else) wants to give it a go feel free, its nothing special and needs to be fixed to be a little smarter instead of currently having to duplicate code for each share but whatever it works manually which is all I could ask for at the time. I have the code in my private git but in the interest of time I just threw it up on pastebin if you're so inclined to give it a try. Hope this helps you understand and perhaps even come up with a solution for yourself and if you do please share!

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