Issues with the Doom Beta on PC

No, the talent has all left. Carmack was one of the last remaining ones and he's gone too now. ID is an empty husk now.

game logic runs independantly of the framerate, you should know this It makes perfect sense to simulate the car physics at 400+hz

Oh it's 400Hz now? You changing your mind, 1000Hz seem too ridiculous? Yes I know game logic runs independently, to get it to run at 1000Hz you'd need to do the calculations in less than 1 ms. That's not only the physics now, you'd have to also render the game. Good luck achieving that, with anything but really shitty and unrealistic physics.

The rest is just more condescending attitudes and namecalling.

Lol i do take that "condescending" as a compliment. I find people only use that word when they can't make an intelligent argument. You made an idiotic comment and I responded in kind.

Modern id tech has ran like SHIT, ID haven't produced a single game with good netcode on it (brink's netcode was trash, worse than frigging blacklight retribution) and now they've shat out a bad console port with arbitrary framerate cap that is going to be DOA on PC.

Lol no wonder, id Software didn't make Brink. You are blaming them for something they didn't even make. That's like blaming Epic for a game's bad netcode cause they make UE4 and the game with bad netcode uses it.

An inferior game using inferior technology that doesn't hold up to pc standards made by an inferior talentless husk of a studio.

Haven't proven anything about it being inferior. CS GO can run at 128 fps cause it's a turd looking game. Sure you can keep going higher and higher in framerate but for the framerate you gain you are going to have to sacrifice visuals. These games cost millions to make, the higher framerate they go the less people will be able to play it and keep it from looking like a turd of a game. This also isn't some competitive game. PC gaming is about choice right, well I want CS GO to run at 300 FPS, I paid a bunch of money to have a special built monitor that can achieve it. Oh it's "locked" at only 128 fps, Valve can't hold up to pc standards they are made up of inferior talentless not even making games anymore cause they make too much money off Steam husk.

Anyways seems you don't really have anything really interesting to say, just bullshit followed by more bullshit. QED.

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