iSTP women...i need your input...

I dont think people have said that i am intimidating. But i do sometimes notice interest, and that it takes them a very long while to express it. I guess either they're shy or trying to work out the right approach. But most of the time in the.public, there is no interest. So yeah maybe i am inapproachable. I dont think i've ever been cold approached before. Sometimes I think it's because i've already been pre-judged and my superficial impressions on people arent that good. I see that happen sometimes, where people have to re-evaluate what they think of me in platonic friendships, but that's assuming i let them in. Mostly, i do not incorrect wrong or bad impressions because what matters to me most is my privacy. I know.

Yeah a lot of people on dating sites are just looking for sex. I am a bit tired of it because i make my intentions clear enough without being tacky, that i want to get to know them and have LTR ticked on my preferences. These days, people who clearly write who they're not interested in get treated as if they're rude or are perceived as easy, so as frustrating as it is, i dont even bother to be direct because it's detrimental to how you're perceived. I just let my profile describe indirectly what would appeal to the people i am looking for. The problem is, it doesnt in any way prevent undesirable people from messaging me because a lot of guys just message everyone and see who messages back since rejection is the norm. The only thing they filter on is the photos. They dont read your profile.

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