Italian group of Karens sit down on a table, rearrange the chairs without asking staff and blocking the pedestrian passageway on the left all while drinking alcohol (one of them was PREGNANT). Bonus points, letting the child play with a packet of cigarettes (plus smoking while pregnant...)

It only counts if everyone you do business with doesn't use cars that burn fossil fuels too. I assume the device you are typing on was delivered via fossil fuels etc. Saying we can't change it, we can't minimize it, is a lie.
Sometimes the truth is inconvenient....

I don't smoke, don't condone smoking, don't think you should smoke around anyone who isn't smoking, but I don't have to get overly emotional about it. Logic and objectivity shows that if you want to have a meaningful affect on air quality, combating smoking is at the bottom of the list.

None of this has to do with being a Karen, which is the only reason I come here, bye.

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