ItmeJP/ttv: "I'm going to ask Shroud to not host me again"

This poor fucking nerdl. When you look up the results of turning 40 and never going outside you get an image of this twat.

Shroud hosts him giving him with a 40k and instead of saying thanks like a respectable human being he vomits all over himself with some socially retarded joke about wishing Shroud and his host was Ninja's. Then he acts like Shroud burdened him with the host, asks if there are any Ninja emotes in the chat and sarcastically says "that should piss people off."

I'm sure it was all jokes until chat predictably kicks the shit out of him and then he rants about Shrouds community while logging, blames Shroud and cries on Twitter how he wasn't ready to be hosted. Meanwhile Shroud hosts people that average 30-50 viewers and the handle it with class.


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