IUD Advice

It will resettle in the beginning a few times but its just a little crampy and a wee bit of blood.mine didn't hurt when it was installed at all. the first time my husband and I boned post IUD installation was also the first time we fucked exactly 6 weeks after having babby.

string poked him right between the foreskin and penis and actually scratched the head of his dick ,causing it to bleed a very wee bit after he finished.the scratch was super thin and only barely beaded blood when doctored but the string poke under the foreskin sucked. It was like a sudden gut punch right before he came ,after 6 weeks of waiting,new dad warmfuzzies and pent up hornies so it kinda ruined the nut a bit.I didn't feel the IUD or the strings but I felt him jump when he got poked and thought 'oh no!' But he was jizzing by then and I was trying to keep him from going 'all in' since I was more sore all over than I thought I'd be and was paranoid the IUD would puncture my ute since its softer for a period of time after baby.

That boning sesh starting some cramps,which is super normal considering, bled for a couple days lightly which would have been expected even without iud because of new babby. combined with foreskin equivalent of getting a wire poked under your fingernail and a lot more soreness deep in the tissue and on the taint than I expected, I went back to doctor. She shortened the strings,said the back wall of my junk was super bruised and use more lube.k.

now since they are short, a logistical problem arouse .the the awful ness of getting poked in the urethra makes him hesitate or shorten thursts but the whole reason the end of his dogeared cock is even in the area is because I'm like 'please fuck m e harder' and he's like 'uh uh ' because it might hurt which is completely understandable so its costs me a couple lady nuts and him some dick skin.but no babies though

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