IUD insertion pain INCREDIBLY downplayed

Hands down worst experience of my life pain wise and I am a person who constantly injures themselves- I've broken bones, torn ligaments, split my head open, accidentally got a sewing needle jammed under my finger nail and had to yank it out, overall an accident prone human ha, but none of them compared to getting an IUD in for the first time. My body went into shock, I was asked if I was a wimp by the doctor, I was shaking, was sick and passed out when I finally made it home and was unwell for days after. I know of people who were absolutely fine when getting it inserted and some others who went through what we did. Couldn't agree with you more about this and there should be much more information regarding it as it seems like a 50/50 divide of what people experience, mild pain to extreme discomfort. One thing that was a relief was that when I got it replaced I only had the mild pain but my GOD I was up a height thinking I was going to go through the same awful experience of the first time- I was just fobbed off as some dramatic wench.

Sending you love, we survived- best thing I ever did but yep, should come with a warning label.

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